Thursday, June 6, 2013

Somewhere over my Rainbows!

Rainbows are a brand of sandals that are generally pretty popular year round. However, in preparation for summer, everyone has been getting their own rainbows. So Alli and I couldn't resist! A few weekends ago we went to Nordstrom's to get our Rainbows. There are tons of great styles to suit everybody's' taste. Among the many styles at the store, I fell in love with a pair that had gems on the strap, but they were to much money for me. So I resorted to a style that had a braided strap, but to me it just wasn't enough, so... CRAFT TIME!!! 

These are the sandals I ended up purchasing at the store, as well as Alli. On this post were going to show twp different fun craft ideas to personalize these!

Ribbon (we used 1/4 inch thick)
Matching Rhinestone setting (get the one with double holes!!)
Sew (brown, to match shoes)


For the ribbon shoes...
Start by cutting a 15 inch piece. This is more than you need, but its all good!
This design is easiest, allowing you to switch it up if you get that crafty feeling again. All you have to do it weave it in the braid, and it is best to just open up the loop and use your fingers to pull the ribbon through. You should also create a loop to start by inserting both ends of the ribbon. This way you don't have to tie a knot in the beginning! You'll get the hang of it pretty quickly! But we also made a video and will try to post it sooon (:

Done! We tied it off with a teensy bow, but you can always just tuck it in and knot it.

The Rhinestone version is more time consuming, but it is really just eye catching! We did 5 gems on each side, but depending on you preferences it could vary. Begin by setting all of your gems in their setting! This is a little tricky, but it is definitely the hardest step so no fear!

Now string that needle so that there is 2 layers. Loop the (hopefully) matching thread around the braid so you have a secure knot. 

Now separate your 2 strings and take one out of the needle hole. Carefully guide this through one side of the setting hole and tug it into position on your braid.

Do this with the other side. After repeating this, tuck each hole setting under the braid to keep them in place. At the end of the line, tie a thick knot underneath the braided strand. You can also loop it around like how you did for the starting. 

We have a video of this look too, and will also get that up! Hope you all have classically unique shoes in no time!

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