Here all of our crazy collections are stored and reviewed! 

For the past two years, Nicole has been obsessed with duct tape. After discovering it at school, she became the craftswoman in the Neighborhood! Nicole has made varieties of creations, ranging anywhere from wallets to bags, and puzzles!

Another obsession both Nicole and I have been into is Nivea. These chapsticks come in gluestick-like contraptions. They have SPF for summer time, and they come in a variety of smells! Our favorite is the milk and honey one (:

Nicole has also begun her collection of EOS, or egg lip balms. These smell reaaally good, and my favorite is definitely the pomegranate one!

Gone Crazy Over Baby's Lips!!!!!!!

Nicole and I have been in love with Maybelline's hot shot product "Baby Lips"! It is as hydrating as they say it is, and certain flavors even have SPF.


 The thing we love most though, is their adorifying packaging and the array of hues. The packaging of this chap stick is reminiscent of glue sticks, and the colors are all unique.
Recently, they have come out with their newest editions which are super fun to search for, and they are really great for summah! Their irresistible little suckers, that I cannot express my fond feelings enough.

We highly recommend all the flavors!!!!!



Pink punch, Peppermint, Cherry me, Grape Vine, Peach Kiss, Quenched, Pink wink, Orange Crush, Twinkle, Melon Mania, and Yummy Plummy.
You guys can purchase all of your baby lips at target, cvs, walgreens, ect. They are in the Maybelline section for beuty!  Here is all of the current flaves!!! However, I believe we still need more!!!!!!
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