Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Clutter to Clean

Every two weeks or so, my room becomes a total disaster. The explosion is always detonated in my closet, and I thought as I cleaned I would share my journey!

My method is clutter to clean. I make my mess worse to ultimately make it better.

STEP 1: 
Start your happy journey by taking everything out of your drawers and shelves that is remotely fractious.

I like to do this in waves, so as to ensure there is enough floor space.
After you complete this, cadet, start buckling down and folding. You want to put in the most effort here, so the rest of the steps you can slack off. 

Personally, my closet gets gross when I am quickly looking for something before school. So, as I fold, I organize based on how much I wear them.

STEP 2: Pack it in there!
Now you have to shove everything back in! Be a little careful here, because if you hurry this step you may not be able to keep everything all neat and tidy.

AHHhhhh, that's better!

STEP 3: Almost done!
Now is the easiest part. Reload the rest of your clothes! I also use this as an opportunity to shift from seasons, and pack away my unnecessary clothes in a tupperware. I jam it under my drawers, adding more space, and it also lessening clutter I will have to fix again in two weeks!


1. Plan ahead!
My closet suffers the most when I am in a rush, trying to find something and end up flipping over all my once tidy clothes! By planning ahead the night before, I can just throw my outfit on in the morning like a magician. However, this is actually a lot of work, so I also prepare outfits for a few days in advanced. This minimizes the time I spend doing something I don't wannnnuh.

2. Not using it? GIVE ITTA WAYY.
I will admit I am quite the hoarder, always tellling myself "ahh, you'll use it later" and "there is definitely something you can do with thA-isss!" But I never do. If you haven't used it since at least 2 seasons ago, GIVE ITTA WAY (or of course donate it:)

3. Maintain a small NO mountain.
Normally it takes me a while to get around to cleaning, but before that actual revamping occurs, a small pile of clothes has already taken shape. By simply using step 1, there will be no mountain. But, being easier said than done, I practice the art of shoveling. When my pile gets too ridiculous, I do a quick clean in 5 minutes or less, and simply fold up what is there, or for the faster, shove it wherever it will fit. Then I come in when I have time, and properly fix it up.

                           BEFORE                                15 MINUTES LATER

aaMUUUUUch bETTTurh!!

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