Monday, May 13, 2013

What is this? A game for giants?!

This a game where you are the piece! You move all over the Monopoly board and yell to your friends in order to have an organized game. The more spread out, the more fun! I first made this game as a twelve year old, and it was a challenging craft, but any crafters will be up for this challenge, it's so much fun. This craft took a few weekends to complete, with lots of hard work and creative planning, but it was definitely worth it when I played it for the first time at my thirteenth birthday party. Everybody loved playing, and their favorite part was yelling to each other from one room to another in order to end their turn (you'll understand when you play)

-poster board
-duct tape (red and yellow)
-paint pens/sharpies
-letter stencils
-felt pieces (pink, red, light blue, dark blue, yellow, green, purple, etc.)
-cardboard/premade gift boxes (small, for the little houses/hotels)
-whiteboard markers
-assorted colored construction paper
-plain printer paper
-and a storage basket
-elmer's glue
-binder clips

-hot glue gun
-monopoly board (for reference)

Let's get started!

To make the game board, start by cutting board into six equal pieces. Repeat depending on how many board pieces you want (I did 50). Hot glue a piece of felt half the size of your board. Below the felt, write the title of the place, it is fun to personalize based on where stores and diners around you. Repeat these steps with the rest of your pieces! This great project for friends, because it require a lot of assembly.

For the houses and hotels, create the premade boxes. I purchased mine from Micheal's. You can use cardboard. Once you have your box set up, instead of closing the top flap, bend it in half to create the point. Now wrap it in duct tape, in the color you like. Make many of these! You will need them for every piece purchased. I made 30!

For specialty pieces like chance, community chest, water works, railroads and electric company, glue a white piece of felt the same size as the board onto the board. Now using a stencil trace the title onto the felt using a paint pen. Then you need to make your chance and community chest cards. For these, I went onto the internet and found pictures of each of the cards and enlarged them using Word. Then I printed them out and mounted them onto black construction paper. Laminate each cards, and you're ready to play with them!
This was probably the most time consuming part of this project. A good idea for this is to have one person print and the cut the card words, another to glue, and the last to laminate. 

For the land property cards, I used my reference Monopoly game and copied the information into Word. After gluing on the writing onto the colorful corresponding construction paper, you can laminate as you did for the specialty cards.

The last step creation step for this craft is the individual whiteboards for keeping track of your money (since there is no cash in this version).  Feel free to create your own Monopoly money and don't forget to send us pictures! These will act as portable die holders, and overall player management. 

For these whiteboards, begin by laminating a piece of plain white printer paper mounted onto black construction paper. Cut out 11x11 inch squares from your poster boards and paste your laminated paper onto the left hand side of your board. Make a tape pocket on the upper right hand side to hold your dice. Each player should have two die. The final step is to simply add your marker. Place a piece of sticky backed  Velcro onto the board and marker to keep them with the player set. For extra security  add a string between them to keep everything together. Attach a binder clip on the top of the board to hold property cards.

Now set up your new game!

Take all of your board pieces and spread them out throughout the house. Make sure they follow an easy to follow path. I created arrows to lead the players just with a marker and paper (keeping it simple) for ease. You can spread these out as far as you can, in fact it makes it more fun when you cover more distance. Then take your property cards and place them next to the corresponding property board. For all of your chance and community chest cards, and set them next to every chance piece. 
Make sure you leave houses and hotels along the sides of the path so that players can get their pieces as they buy them. 
When playing, play by the honor code! Minus property costs out of your account on your nifty whiteboard, but also add your winnings from chance. 

Thank you for visiting today's blog! Let me know how your project goes! Contact me with any questions regarding set up or assembling! I know I've missed something!

Thanks again! Subscribe (:

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